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Can You Have It All?

2 years ago…
“Dada,” my son said as he tried to squirm out of my arms once again during the family photo shoot. As he said that, my mind drifted off… I thought about “dada” being his first word and how it took him many more months to name me. This was consistent with usual speech development since the consonant sounds are easier to say, but nonetheless it was emotionally heart-wrenching for me. I thought about how I had so few pictures of us together – not just because I was usually the one behind the camera, but also because during his first year of life, so much of my life was consumed by my work and the routine daily tasks of caring for an infant. I had been just getting by; I had not remembered to have family members take our picture regularly. Fearful that I would not have special moments captured with my son, I had scheduled a professional photo shoot, but in that moment, it felt like capturing the special mother-son moment just wasn’t happening. 
I held back tears, feeling the …

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